The law office is located near the site of the 1870 homestead of Karl August and Karolina Svensson (paternal great-grandparents), and on a 300-acre tall grass prairie remnant that for many years supported the draft horses and cattle rasied by August and Mathilda Swanson (paternal grandparents). Since 1982, A.J. and his family have been working to restore the prairie to an approximation of what it looked like 140 years ago. Smooth brome, a variety of thistles, and a small patch of leafy spurge are the primary concerns. Periodic fire (timed for the third-leaf stage of brome, but prior to pheasant nesting, a small window in mid- to late-April) and endless walking with a 3-gallon spot sprayer (who has time for golf?) are the main weapons.

Follow the links to view pictures and movies from the April 27-28, 2007 fire extending to approximately 85 acres, and scenes from the prairie's recovery during the 2007 season.

For more information on prairie restoration, preservation, and protection, please visit the Northern Prairies Land Trust website.